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Wallis Knot takes its name from John Wallis, 17th century mathematician, who first introduced the symbol for the concept of infinity. Math man, you're our hero!

Wallis Knot cartoon

"If he is mad, he is not likely to be convinced by reason; 
on the other hand, if we be mad, we are in no position to attempt it."-- John Wallis



























Megan Hornaday

DAUGHTER of the WAVES ... a new play by Eileen Connolly

Wallis Knot teams with Sean Roschman/ROSCHMAN DANCE for a new theatre-dance-circus-aerial hybrid production. DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES is a celebration of love in the midst of war and sorrow. Based on the true tale of Jewish refugees smuggled out of war-torn Nazi Europe and into neutral Ireland, the play deals with how people learn to survive, deal with sorrow, and open up to love.

We developed the work while Resident Artists at NYU, where Sean teamed with Megan Hornaday to create the aerial combinations. Crystal Field, Artistic Director of THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY presented our play in New York City as part of the Dream Up Festival.

August 31, - September 5, 2014

Many thanks to everyone who so generously donated to our Kickstarter campaign!

Visit our show website at www.DaughterOfTheWaves.com


BLUR is an experimental Spanish language film project that uses a series of trailers to tell the story of two lovers trapped in different time lines while living in the same apartment, close to each other, sensing each other, but unable to reach each other physically.

Sophia Parra

Andhy Mendez

The film clip above stars Andhy Mendez and Sophia Parra. Conceived by Eileen Connolly, it was written by Joseph Goodrich and filmed by Eileen Connolly.

Meanwhile...on the horizon perhaps we'll stage HARVEST, a new play by Eileen Connolly that explores the way people learn to survive their sorrow and find joy and peace. Set in the Mad Men era of the late 1960's when the Beatles were meditating in India and men were landing on the moon, it weaves together the stories of a madcap New York City book editor who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, a Cuban refugee suffering from amnesia, and an American artist trying to find her long lost love. The play is told as a series of memories using live theatre and film projections as well as dance.

Last year, Wallis Knot ensemble members attended an amazing Feldenkrais/Viewpoints workshop in Manhattan, run by Connie Rotunda, in preparation for our March 2013 fundraising event at the Flamboyan Theatre in NYC. We're still relaxed!

Connie Rotunda